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Tigran Hamasyan, 3 pieces for solo piano (.pdf)


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1. Etude No.1
2. Markos and Markos
3. Lilac

This is Tigran Hamasyan’s first official sheet music edition, containing the beautiful, romantic and slightly melancholic “Lilac”, joyful Etude No.1 and contemplative “Markos and Markos” — three pieces for solo piano. These three stay in Tigran’s repertoire and are much loved by the listeners and the live audience worldwide ever since the release of their audio-recorded versions.

The music in this edition offers not merely the transcriptions of the recorded album versions, but much more, including the elaborated parts which Tigran Hamasyan added after numerous concert performances. Thus, they are presented in their most updated development.

All three pieces were transcribed and engraved by Savva Terentyev, and edited together with Tigran Hamasyan himself.