Savva Terentyev, the third sketch for the Moskovskiye piano suite (paper, or paper + .pdf)

9.99 - 500.00

IMPORTANT! The digital editions are delivered within 24 hours in an e-mail as a signed .pdf attachment or as a download link. Please, check spam box if the file doesn’t arrive in due time.

Composed in November–December 2019
Edited, manually typeset and engraved by the composer in Spring 2021, engraving advised and corrected by Peter Trubinov

Paper edition format 234,5×308 mm, offset print on Munken Pure 400 gsm
Digital edition format A4 or Letter, depending on the country of delivery

This edition is engraved by hand!

In his book Musical autographs from Monteverdi to Hindemith Emanuel Winternitz writes that a manuscript is “a highly personal graphic embodiment of musical imagination.” Inspired by this idea, a limited number of hand-written copies of the manuscript of this piece are offered, too.