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Soft Black Stars by Current 93, a complete piano and vocal transcription (.PDF, 54 pages)


IMPORTANT! Delivered within 24 hours in e-mail as a signed .pdf attachment or as a download link. Please, check spam box if the file doesn’t arrive in due time.

Includes a complete piano & vocal transcription of the album Soft Black Stars by Current 93, two exclusive introductions written by the composers — David Tibet and Michael Cashmore — and an editor’s note.

Original English text. Russian translations (excl. the lyrics).

Music transcribed by Savva Terentyev.
Design by Maria Muuk. English texts edited by David Tibet. Russian texts edited by Elena Kuznetsova and Savva Terentyev. Arranged in Austria and Estonia.

ISMN 979-0-54002-311-9.

The press release:

Dear Sir, Dear Lady

Today we put on sale the digital edition of our very first project with Current 93, which is a complete piano and vocal transcription of their Soft Black Stars album. The transcription offers the most precise musical notation available of how exactly the piano and vocal parts were performed on this album.

This is the ultimate source for one who wishes to follow the original recording, and to go deeper and higher and further to these Stars.

One can study the music through these pages, whose layout is arranged especially for printing out in A4 format. For an even Starrier experience, we suggest obtaining the printed edition, which is designed specifically to use for playing these works on the piano.

A printed edition of Soft Black Stars, to be published in April 2017, will offer piano notation and the lyrics (but not the vocal lines). It will not be a transcription, but rather a compilation of the essential piano parts composed by Michael Cashmore and manifested on paper at our publishing house. It provides a complete overview of which melodies and harmonies each song from Soft Black Stars should be improvised around, “to make your own stars” as David Tibet writes. It was, indeed, in this way that the Soft Black Stars were created during the recording sessions and in concerts. The printed edition will be out in April 2017; pre-orders are now being taken.

Both editions include exclusive introductions written by David Tibet and Michael Cashmore, as well as an editor’s note with explanations and additional information. The editions are bilingual, in the original English and with the Russian translations provided.

To look inside the two editions, please, visit the publishing house’s website → terentyevpublishing.com