The complete music library anno 2022 (10% discount, free shipping)

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IMPORTANT! The digital editions are delivered within 24 hours in an e-mail as a signed .pdf attachment or as a download link. Please, check spam box if the file doesn’t arrive in due time.

Digital and paper editions in the Manual Engraving Series:

20/01 Two piano pieces spontaneously improvised by Roman Stolyar
20/02 Left Alone, a lyric étude for the left hand composed by Nicola Elias Rigato
21/01 A transcription of Samsara, a piano piece in two parts composed by Tigran Hamasyan (incl. “Illusion”)
21/02 »Segen« Ein kurzes Klavierstück von Benedikt Jahnel (Blessing, a short piano piece)
21/03 Vexations, une lente courte pièce pour piano par Erik Satie
21/04 »Berceuse« Une pièce-réflexion pour piano par Nikita Sorokine (Lullaby, a reflection for piano)
21/05 Третий набросок для цикла «Московских» фортепианных пьес Саввы Терентьева (Terentyev’s sketch of a piece for piano)

Only digital in the Manual Engraving Series:

22/01 Collapse, a short piece for piano by Nicola Elias Rigato

Earlier digital and paper editions:
17/01 Current 93 Soft Black Stars piano book + complete album transcription (paper + digital)
18/01 Tigran Hamasyan Three Piano Pieces (incl. “Etude no.1,” “Markos and Markos,” and “Lilac.” This is a digital-only release)